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StresStimulus test designer includes built-in autocorrelation rules that help generate a script that works out of the box for many applications. However, there may be applications where some manual adjustment to the autocorrelation is necessary.

The previous section described how to modify or delete existing autocorrelation rules. You can also create a new correlation rule yourself. However, these manual correlation steps only affect the test case where they are created. Often, similar changes need to be made in several test cases.  This can be done with autocorrelation patterns that help to save time on manually correlating multiple test cases. Instead of creating a correlating extractor and parameters on every recording, you can create them once and save them to the library of autocorrelation patterns. As result, on subsequent recordings of new test cases within current or new tests, StresStimulus will create corresponding extractors and parameters automatically. 

The following types of autocorrelation partners are supported:

To review, change or delete autocorrelation patterns, in the StresStimulus main menu, select Options –> Autocorrelation.

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