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Sometimes a secure website is hosted in the development environment as a non-secure website. The Change URI scheme feature allows to record a test case against a website hosted with the HTTP URI scheme, and then replay it against the same website hosted with the HTTPS URI scheme.


This feature allows specifying hosts for which the recorded scheme will be switched to the alternative scheme: HTTP to HTTPS and vice versa.

To configure Change URI scheme, follow these steps.

1. In StresStimulus Main Menu -> Hosts, select Change URI scheme.

2. The Change URI scheme dialog will appear.

3. On every line, enter a host for which you want to change the URI scheme. 

4. Delete lines with the hosts for which you no longer need to change the URI scheme,

5. Click Save

Note: You can disable the schema change settings for certain test cases. To do so, in the test case property grid, change the Ignore Schema Change? property to Yes.
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