By default, multiple test cases are executed concurrently (in parallel). Every test case has a Mix Weight configuration property. A mix weight is a relative frequency (in units) of the Test Case replay in the mix. It is also a relative probability that a virtual user will be assigned to this test case. VUs are distributed between the Test Cases proportionately to their Mix Weights.

Note: Every VU, after its instantiation, is assigned to a specific Test Case for the entire duration of the test. For every subsequent VU, test cases are selected in round-robin order, while skipping some of them to achieve the VU distribution corresponding to the mix weights.

The mix weight can be set as a percentage, as the number of VUs or as a proportion. For example, to set 80 VUs for TC1, 70 VUs for TC2 and 50 VUs for TC3, the mix weights could be set in any of the following three ways:

Number of VUsPercentagesRatio
TC1 Mix Weight80408
TC2 Mix Weight70357
TC3 Mix Weight50255

To set a test case mix weight, change the Mix Weight in the property grid.

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