The number of VUs emulated by a Load Agent is proportionate to its VU weight.

  1. Enter the desired VU weight for each agent. To disable a Load Agent, set its VU weight to zero.
  2. To verify how the controller is going to distribute VUs, click Test connections to the Load Agents with non-zero VU weights. This operation will re-test the connections as well.
  3. The expected number of VUs will be displayed in the property grid.

Note: If you set the Local agent's mix weight to 0 then it will not create any VUs, and will act solely as a Controller.

Distribution w/ multiple test cases

If a test has more than a one load generator and more than one test case, then the question becomes, how many VUs will execute a given test case.

  1. First, the VUs are distributed between all load generators. 
  2. Then each load generator distributes test cases by their mix weights as described here or TC Group as described here

Isolating test cases to specific agents

If you wish to have a test case (or TCGroup) execute only on a specific agent then in Managing Test Cases(s) node, select the test case and set the Agent name property to the desired agent.

If the Agent name property is empty, then the test case will execute on all agents.


For more information on how the VUs will be distributed using agent designation click here.

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