After a dataset is created, it is stored in the test folds as a CSV file. The following methods of creating data sets are supported: 

  • Creating a dataset structure and entering data in StresStimulus.
  • Creating a structure of an empty dataset in StresStimulus, copy tabular data from any external data sources, such as Excel, and paste it to the dataset grid in StresStimulus.
  • Creating a structure of an empty dataset in StresStimulus and managing the .csv file outside StresStimulus UI. For example, the entire.CSV file can be re-generated using external data sources before running a new test.
  • Importing an external data source as a new dataset.

Once a data set is created, it can be maintained in StresStimulus. Data can be deleted or modified manually, and additional data can be entered.

How to create and edit a dataset

1. Click the create a new Dataset button and the Add/Edit Dataset dialog will popup,


2. Set the dataset name and add the necessary fields. The dataset name will appear in the Variable Picker when you create parameters. Click, OK when done. That will create an empty Dataset.

Note: For better readability, using space and many special characters as a part of the data set and field names is permitted. Exceptions are "." and "$."

3. After that, you can type or paste data into the grid.

4. To create a dataset with a user's credentials for form authentication, click Authentication Dataset.

Tip: For Basic, Windows Integrated (e.g., NTLM) or other Kerberos authentication use Authentication section on the Test Workflow Tree.

5. To edit data, select a dataset from the drop-down and edit data in the grid

6. To rename a dataset or edit its structure, click Edit. To add a field, enter the field name and click Add Field. Double-click the field to rename it. To reposition, rename, or delete a selected field, use the Up, Down, Rename, or Remove buttons.

7. Other available operations are Export Data and Delete.

8. Set the default databind method (8).

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