Sometimes the same variable should be used across multiple GET or POST requests. For example, in the application where the session ID is marshaled as a query parameter, this parameter will be included in every request.

StresStimulus allows quickly parameterize multiple similar parameters using the Find and Replace featureTo parameterize multiple requests:

1. Select a parameter.

2. Click Find and Replace on the toolbar or hit Ctrl+F to show the Find and Replace dialog.

3. The selected parameter name will be displayed in the Parameter Name box. You can choose a different parameter from the drop-down.

    • If the Header tab is selected, the drop-down will display all headers.
    • If the URL and Query tab is selected, the drop-down will display all query string parameters in the name/value format.
    • If the Body tab is selected, the drop-down will display all form fields.

4. A current value from the grid's cell  Replace With will be displayed in the Replace With text box. Right-click and select a variable from the Variable Picker.

5. Click Find to find the next parameter by name. The search is conducted across all requests in the test case. Only the selected part of the request is searched. For example, if the Body tab is selected, then only form fields will be searched.

6. Click Replace to replace the value of the current parameter with the new value and then find the next parameter with the same name.

7. Click Replace All to bulk replace values in all parameters with the search name.

Tip: To selectively parameterize multiple requests, click the Replace or Find buttons depending on whether you need to create or skip the parameter.

To parameterize all requests with the searched parameter in one sweep, click Replace All.

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