The following methods are used to add more test cases to an existing test.

  • Recording a test case
  • Setting a test case from existing sessions
  • Cloning a test case
  • Importing a test case from another test
  • Setting a Test Case from a .saz or .har session file or JMeter result file.

Recording a Test Case

Adding additional test cases to a test is done the same way as creating the first one. First, you can record a test case or set existing sessions as a test case as described in Recording Test Case.

Select the Add Test Case option to create another test case.

Cloning a Test Case

To clone a selected test case, in the Managing Test Case(s) section, click the Clone Test Case on the toolbar. All sessions and test case objects will be duplicated.

Setting a Test Case from a Session File

Click Open a session file as a Test Case and select a Fiddler file (.saz,  HTTP archive file (.har) or JMeter result file. The selected file will be imported as a new Test Case.


Tip: You verify any test case without leaving the context of the current test case that you are working with by right-clicking on the test case and selecting Verify Test Case...

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