Most test cases are created as a result of recording a test case. However, in some instances, one, several requests, or entire test cases can't be recorded and must be created manually. This is especially helpful for performance testing of a restful API. For these cases, you can use the web API, test builder.

To open the web API test builder, right-click on the Sessions Grid and select the Web API Test Builder option.

Or from the main menu, select Tools > Web API Test Builder option.

The web API test builder should open in a new tab.

To create a new HTTP(S) request, you can either complete the builder form or click the Raw tab and enter the request content manually.

Then press Send to issue the request and add a session to the bottom of the session grid. After that, you can add it to the test case as described in Adding section here

Builder Options

  1. Select the request method.
  2. Type the absolute request URL, including the query string.
  3. Select the HTTP Version number (1.1 is the default).
  4. If you want to add more request headers (e.g., User-Agent or Accept), do not add the Content-Length header as it will be added automatically.
  5. If you selected the POST, PUT, or PATCH method, then you can add a request body.
    1. If you have a webform body, then you can add name/value names.
    2. Check the Url-Encode names/values checkbox to URL-encode the names and values and adds the Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded header.
    3. If you have any other body, then select the Raw body radio button and type the request body. 

Creating a test case

Once the API requests have been executed to create a test case select the sessions from the session grid > right-click > Create Test Case. For more information on creating test cases see here.


Request Builder is only available in the Standalone version of StresStimulus. If you are using StresStimulus from Fiddler-Addon, use Fiddler's Composer feature to create requests.

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