A transaction is a set of sequential requests representing a meaningful step in a test scenario. It is used to track the performance characteristics of a specific business transaction that includes several user actions. Transactions add another level of performance tracking in addition to requests and pages.  

You can define transactions while recording a test case or after the test case is created.

To create the first transaction, enter its name in the Test Wizard when prompted.

To create a transaction during the recording, enter the transaction name in the Enter Transaction box on the recorder and complete navigating through transaction steps.

Entering a new transaction name will designate the end of the current transaction and the beginning of the subsequent transaction.

To complete the current transaction without creating a new transaction, clear the transaction name from the box on the recorder.

Repeat these steps to create more transactions if necessary. You will be able to modify any transaction property after the test case is created, as described in Page and Transaction Properties section.

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