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Data Generator Types

Data Generator Type determines
what random value will be returned:
Integer, Double, Date/Time, GUID
or Text.

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Create a Data Generator

To Create a Data Generator:

1. Select its Type from the list on the left.

2. Configure its properties.

3. Click Verify to test the returned value.

4. Click Save.

See Also:
 Data Generators

Data Generator Properties



NameThe Data Generator name
TypeThe Data Generator type
Min ValueThe minimum generated value
Max ValueThe maximum generated value
Format StringA string specifying a format of presenting a value. For details about different data type Formats, check "Formatting Types" in .NET
DescriptionThe Data Generator description
Min LengthThe minimum number of characters in the generated word
Max LengthThe maximum number of characters in the generated word
Constant TextA constant string
TypeSelect Random to generate random integers between the Min Value and Max Value. Select AutoIncrement to generate sequential integers starting from the Min Value; after the Max Value is reached, the next integer is the Min Value
When To Evaluate

Select On-iteration to generate a new value on every iteration (default). Select On-request to generate a new value on every request. Select On-read to generate a new value for every recorded value being replaced.

Concatenate ExpressionA string xxx{0}yyy specifying how to concatenate the generated value surrounded by the constant prefix string xxx and suffix string yyy

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