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It is sometimes necessary to use unique records from a dataset for every test run, for example, in situations where each dataset record contains data to be inserted into the database, and the same data can't be inserted twice. One way to accomplish this is before running a subsequent test, delete all the records from the dataset, and replace them with new records. Another way is to limit the dataset ranges and only use a subset of records for the test.

To enable dataset ranges to do the following:

  1. In the dataset, set the Limit Dataset property to Yes.
  2. Set the starting record to use in the current test.
  3. Set the record count to set the number of records to use from the starting record.
  4. Set the auto-advance records to Yes to automatically advance the starting record (by record count amount) after each test run. If the starting record value gets larger than the actual number of records, the starting record count will reset to 1.

Trim Spaces

Set the Trim Spaces (default) property to Yes to trim all leading and trailing white spaces in the cells. The values are trimmed during a test at the time of binding. 

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