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Extractors (1) are created from responses (2). They are displayed in sequential order.

Each extractor is used to create one or several parameters in subsequent requests. Parameters are displayed as subordinate elements (3) of this extractor. The request number (4) where the parameter is created precedes the parameter.

The property grid (5) displays the properties of the selected extractor.

The list of extractor commands and properties is provided here.

Matching Extractors to Parameters 

The extractor tree automatically matches parameters to extractors. Sometimes it is necessary to solve the opposite task, matching an extractor to a parameter.

To do so, on the Test Case Tree, select a parameter, right-click, and choose Show on extractor tree. StresStimulus will highlight the matching extractor on the Extractor Tree.

Lean UI Mode

When the number of elements on the test case tree exceeds several thousand, it can slow down the application UI. To avoid such loans, turn on Lean UI mode to hide all extractors and parameters from the test case tree and all parameters from the extractor tree.


  • Lean UI mode automatically turns on when the autocorrelation creates more than 2000 parameters.
  • Lean UI mode only hides UI elements. It will not affect test runtime.
  • When Lean UI mode is enabled, the test case tree will display the test case name followed by the suffix (Lean UI)

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