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Some test cases that have loops may require extractors from the previous loop's iteration to be used in the next iteration. For example, a single page wizard test case where the number of steps varies, and every next step depends on the previous step. 

Let's go through an example of setting up such a test and explaining its playback.

Recording & configuring the test case

After recording a test case, the test case tree looks as follows.

  • There is a wizard transaction that contains all wizard related requests.
  • There is a start wizard request (#3 /start-wizard)
  • There are multiple wizard step requests (#4-18 /wizard-step)
  • Each /wizard-step has a step_id field that specifies which step in the wizard to display. Each subsequent step_id field value is extracted from the previous response.

Setting up the test case.

Since the number of wizard steps varies, a Do...While loop should be created around the first /wizard-step request and the rest should be deleted.

The last step is to correlate the step_id field. The first step_id value comes from /start-wizard (#3) response. The rest step_id values come from /wizard-step (#4) response from the previous loop iteration.

  1. Create an extractor called stepId from /start-wizard (#3) response.
  2. Use this extractor to parameterize the step_id request field in /wizard-step (#4).
  3. Create an extractor called stepId2 from /start-wizard (#4) response.
  4. Set the Copy value to Extractor property to stepId.

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