Comparing Recorded and Replayed Sessions is an effective method of detecting performance errors. The result of such comparison is displayed in a new tab (a) displaying Session Verification tree (b) showing the outcome of the comparison of sessions recorded (c) with the same sessions (d) replayed by particular users on a specific test run iteration.  Next to every request, there is a status image (e) characterizing the outcome of comparing. The same comparison statuses are used during the test case verification.

To compare session content, right-click on a selected session and select Compare Sessions (f) to display compare session inspector.

Comparing recorded and replayed responses can expose application errors thanks to rich text comparison capabilities of the Compare Sessions Inspector.  The following response elements will be highlighted in the replayed session:

  • application error messages or warnings,
  • data of a significantly different size or format

Carefully examine such changes to confirm or rule out the errors. 

The session verification tree can be recalled from reports and the session grid.

From Report

In the Error View, select a row, right-click and select Compare with Recorded. The system will determine which user in which iteration encountered this error and then will display a tree which compares all replayed sessions for this user's iteration with the recorded sessions. This can help to discover preceding and subsequent errors and find out the root cause of the error faster. Another troubleshooting option is in the error view. Right-click on the error and select See Waterfall for this VU iteration  From there you can select Compare with Recorded 

From Session Grid

Once the replayed sessions are retrieved from the test repository, it is often necessary to compare them to the corresponding recorded sessions for troubleshooting.

Select one or several replayed sessions and right-click to bring up StresStimulus Commands menu. Chose from the following options:

Replay Sessions

This will reissue the selected sessions' requests to the server. Then you can view the server's response to ensure the requests were correctly constructed and if the server returns the expected response.

Show matching recorded session(s)

This will add the corresponding recorded sessions to the session grid. Use this option to compare multiple recorded and replayed sessions' properties displayed in the grid columns such as response time, payload size, or response status.

Compare with a recorded session

This option works when one session is selected in the session grid. It opens the Compare Sessions Inspector, where you can compare the content of the recorded and replayed session.

Compare with multiple recorded sessions

Use this option to simplify comparing multiple sessions. It opens a new tab with the Session Verification tree having a node for every session selected in the session grid.

Note: Unlike executing Verify command, that will replay the test case, executing Compare with multiple recorded sessions will not replay the test case. It will only display the Session Verification Tree for a quick comparison of multiple sessions.

Double-click a Session Verification tree node to display the Compare Sessions Inspector for a session.

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