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Standard .NET formatting strings are used to format the output of the Data Generators and Function. That provides a robust method of representing any numeric, GUID, and date/time data types as strings.

To receive the desired output string, enter the necessary formatting string into the FormattingString property of a Data Generator. For example, to represent long-format date and time as

"25 February 2013 10:25:30", use FormatString "U"

A quick reference guide to a format string in StresStimulus is provided in the post Format Specifiers available here.

The complete reference of .NET Formatting Types is provided here.

Note: The Current Date Time and Current UTC Date Time Functions have an additional formatting property: Use Unix Time format? Select Yes to return the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since Jan-1, 1970. Select No (default) for all other formatting options. This format is used in several web frameworks, for example, Oracle ADF.

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