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Function Instances

A Function Instance returns a dynamic value
that depends on the function type and the
context where the function is called from.

The value is assigned to a variable with the
same name, which can be used to parameterize
a request.

The Function Instance is called before the
issuing the request.

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NameThe Function Instance name
Function TypeDetermines what internal variable or constant will be returned by a Function Instance
Use the Unix Time format?Select "Yes" to return the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since Jan-1, 1970. Select No (default) for more formatting options.
Time Offset (s)Time offset in seconds from the current time (positive or negative). The default is zero.
Format StringA string specifying a format of presenting a value. For details about different data type Formats, check "Formatting Types" in .NET
DescriptionThe Function Instance description
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