StresStimulus is a load testing tool for websites, web services, web, and mobile applications (collectively called websites). It is designed to be an essential component in the companies' web performance strategy, from development to maintenance and capacity planning. StresStimulus helps answer many performance-related questions such as:

  • Does a Web application’s responsiveness correspond to the target performance objectives?
  • How many users can a website handle while maintaining acceptable responsiveness?
  • What is a website’s operational ceiling, and how does it behave once it is overloaded (e.g., presents graceful error messages or refuses connections and crashes)?
  • What are the performance bottlenecks that should be addressed first?
  • What is the impact of new application releases on response times?
  • How many hardware resources are necessary to meet specific performance targets?

As opposed to other load testing tools, StresStimulus’s focus is on ease-of-use with websites of any size and complexity.

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