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KPI Graph comparison view includes comparison graphs of major performance indicators of the selected test results.  It allows comparing of every test run performance outcome quickly.

To select KPI Graph Comparison View, click KPI Graphs (a) on the toolbar. One to four panel layouts can be selected by clicking the Layout drop-down (b). 

Each graph (c) will display one of six KPI counters for every selected result. 

  • Users - The number of instantiated and active VUs, iterating trough their respective test cases. Some VUs can complete the test earlier than others and become inactive. VUs which completed all their iterations before the test ends are excluded from the active user count. If the test is configured to complete only after all VUs complete their iterations, then the User graph will show a gradual declining the number of VUs at the end of the test.
  • Req/Sec - The number of requests being sent per second.
  • Avg. Response(s) - The average response time of the sent requests. Every datapoint on the response time graph reflects the average value during the checkpoint intervals. If no responses were received between two datapoints, the response time could not be determined, so such datapoints are skipped to reflect an accurate response time curve.
  • KB Received/Sec - The number of kilobytes currently received per second.
  • Errors/Sec - The number of errors currently received per second.
  • Pending Requests - The number of currently pending requests. Pending requests are those that are issued, but StresStimulus do not yet receive the response. Generally, a higher number of pending requests indicates a slower server response. This parameter can be used to gauge performance change in several test runs.

To select which graph to display in a panel, click the drop-down (d) above it. 

Each graph depicts one curve for every compared test run. For example, if you select three test results, each graph will display three curves, as shown in the figure.

Info: Each graph supports the full range of graph and curve commands described in the  Graph Commands section.

Curve grid (e) located under the graph panels shows the following additional information about each curve


Whether the curve is currently visible. Click the checkbox to hide/unhide the curve.


The name of the curve.


The curve color and point shape.


The current value range. The y-value of each point corresponds to a percent of the range.


Minimum value of the curve - datapoint aggregation (Sortable)


Maximum value of the curve - datapoint aggregation (Sortable)


Average value of the curve - datapoint aggregation (Sortable)


The last value of the curve - datapoint aggregation (Sortable)

WarningsNumber of threshold violation warnings (Sortable)

Number of threshold violation errors (Sortable)  

Missed GoalsNumber of missed goals (Sortable)

To view other metrics, navigate through the tabs (f).

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