A page goal is the expected maximum time for all the responses on a page to come back. A transaction goal is the expected maximum time for all of the responses in a transaction to come back. If the actual response time in one of the test iterations exceeds the goal, then the Missed the Goal counter is incremented. After the test is complete, the percentage of the page and transaction requests that missed the goal is reported in the Missed Goal % column in the Page Details and Transaction Details section, respectively. Also, Goal and Missed Goal curves will be plotted on the graphs in the Page Result tab.

To set or change the page goal use the following information:

1. Default goal

  • The initial Default Goal value is set to 15 seconds for all pages. 
  • If you change the test case Default Goal (s) property, then the goal of every page for which the Goal (s) property was not modified, will be equal to the new default goal.
  • To remove the goal in all pages with default goal, leave the Default Goal (s) value empty.

Note: When you set a default goal, It effects not only pages but also transactions.

2. Individual page goal. To override the page default goal value, change the Goal(s) property in the property grid.

It is recommended to select the goal relevant to your application quality of service requirements.

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