When you start recording a test case from a web browser or mobile device, StresStimulus automatically groups the recorded requests into pages (a) using a heuristic algorithm. Pages are essential elements of the test, and StresStimulus collects and reports page performance metrics in addition to request performance metrics. In some cases, requests may not be associated with any page. These requests will be left ungrouped.

Note: Requests issued after the web page is already displayed do not affect the page download time. Such requests are sent with significant delay after the response and are not assigned to any page. Examples of unassigned requests are AJAX requests triggered by a mouse-over action or a request trigger by a client's JavaScript (i.e.JQuery timer event). StresStimulus uses a heuristic page breakdown algorithm to determine which requests are part of the page and which are unassigned requests.

You can disable the automatic page breakdown. To do so, in the Test Wizard -> Record Test Case step, un-checked the Group requests into pages box. That can be helpful when, instead of tracking the performance of pages, you prefer to track the performance of transactions that can be used to group requests manually. Disabling pages is also helpful when testing Web services.

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