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Creating Extractors and related parameters recommended by the Parameter Finder can reduce test configuration errors and help make the test more realistic. Parameter Creator automates the creation of such objects.

To use Parameter Creator, follow these steps:

1. Select an extractor.

2. Click Parameter Creator: Auto-configure an Extractor and all Parameters for the selected node on the toolbar or right-click and select it on the context menu.

3. In the popup extractor window, the Text Before and Text After properties are already pre-filled.

4. You can examine and adjust the extractor configuration if necessary, or click Save to create the extractor.

5. Initially, the Parameter Finder Tree designates with the "?" image. As missing objects get created, their image is modified to a green checkbox.

6. After the extractor is created, Auto-Configurator displays a Do you want to automatically create all parameters using this extractor? MessageBox.

a. To create all the parameters using the extractor automatically at once, click OK.

b. To create the parameters automatically one-by-one, click Cancel and then select a parameter one at a time, right-click and select Auto-Config Parameter or click the same button on the toolbar.

7. Run Verify Test Case again to check if newly created objects reduce the number of errors or warnings. Delete unnecessary objects.


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