The Parameterization Editor is used for configuring name/value pair parameters. Only the value portion can be changed. It has advantages over the Parameterization Grid in the following cases:

  • The values are long strings that are difficult to handle in the grid.
  • Multiple similar parameters across many requests are necessary, and the Find and Replace commands are more advanced in the editor compared to the grid.

Using Parameterization Editor

1. To switch to the Parameterization Editor from the Parameterization Grid, click the switch button.

2. To edit data, select text in the Value Line (the line with no background color) that should be replaced and right-click in the Value Line. Then select a Source Variable in the Variable Picker.

Selecting the header line (the line with light brown background) and right-clicking will not display the Variable Picker

3. When finished editing, click Save.

Other Options

Right-clicking on a parameter will bring up a context menu with multiple options:

  • Restore to Recorded: Deletes the parameter and restores the original recorded value.
  • Create more like this: Shows a dialog to create similar parameters as the one selected. For more, click here.
  • Remove parameters like this: Deletes all parameters that use the same variable source (extractor, dataset, data generator, function, or scriptable variable ) as the selected parameter.

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