Performance view presents a page or a transaction response timeline and its changes, depending on the number of emulated VUs. It features five curves: minimum, average, and maximum response time, goal, and number of VUs.

The performance view graph helps to analyze scalability and to determine how many virtual users the page or transaction can handle. For example, to determine how many users can be handled to meet the goal of 5 seconds in at least 50% of cases, follow these steps:

  1. Find an approximate point of intersection of Avg. Response Time curve (green) and Goal curve (navy blue).
  2. Mouse over it to determine its timestamp (04:20)
  3. Find a point with the same timestamp on the Users curve (blue) and note the number of users reached this point (52)

This page can handle 52 concurrent users to meet the page response goal of 5 seconds in at least 50% cases.

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