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Help Boxes

Create a Test Case

To create a Test Case:

Select a Recording Destination:
- "Add New Test" and enter its name
- "Replace Existing Test Case"
- "Add To Existing Test Case"

Then select the recording source:
- Select a web browser and click Next;
- Or select another recording source and click Record;
- To open a previously saved test, select the ‘Open Existing Test’ option and click Open.

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Browser Recording Settings

Help Box - Browser Recording Settings@@
- Enter the initial URL and select a browser cache option.
- Private Mode (recommended), browser cache is not used.
If you are testing Silverlight then select Normal mode.
- Enter the first transaction name (recommended) and click Record.
- To take screenshots of webpages, check "Take screenshots of pages".
- To record static resources, check "Record static content".

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