StresStimulus can capture traffic from a mobile app. All mobile devices which allow you to set a proxy, such as an iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows phone, or Blackberry, are supported.

  • The mobile device has to be connected through Wi-Fi to the same network that the StresStimulus machine is connected.
  • On the mobile device, set the network proxy settings to point to the StresStimulus machine's IP and set the port to 49386 if using the standalone version or 8888  if using the Fiddler add-on version. These are both the default ports and can be changed. For more information on configuring Fiddler to capture traffic from another machine, check this source .  
  • In StresStimulus Test Wizard -> Recording Source, select Mobile device  from the list of recording sources, and click Record
  • Start navigating through a test scenario on the mobile device.
  • Create transactions as described here
  • When recording is finished, click  Stop in the Recorder or in StresStimulus. A new test case will be created.

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