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1. To start the standalone version of StresStimulus, click the Start button and then click Launch StresStimulus.

If you installed Fiddler and the StresStimulus add-on, you can also start the add-on version of StresStimulus by clicking Launch Fiddler with StresStimulus.

The welcome message box appears. 

2. Click Record Test Case. Alternatively, click Record Test Case on the Workflow Tree.

Tip: Some of the dialogs, which display information helpful to new users, may have a Do not show again checkbox. Check this box to prevent such dialogs from being displayed in the future. To revert this and start viewing all hidden dialogs still, Click Show Hidden Dialogs in StresStimulus main menu.

Test Wizard starts.

3. Click Next to show the Recording Source step of the wizard. Enter a new test case name.


From the list of web browsers installed on your machine in the drop-down, select a web browser that you wish to use and click Next.

4. On the appeared Browser Recording Settings step, enter the initial URL,  the first transaction name (optional), and click Record. A dialog may appear, giving further instructions specific to each recording source.

5. The floating  Recorder bar will appear, and IE will start. Navigate to the tested website and click through an application scenario that you want to test. Captured sessions in the StresStimulus session grid (in the standalone version) or in the Fiddler grid (in the add-on version).

6. When recording is finished, click Stop in the Recorder or StresStimulus. The Recorder will close IE. A new test case has created this point. If you are using another browser, close the browser to stop recording.

Info: for more information about recording a test case, see Recording Test Case

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