Sometimes during long tests with SQL CE based repository, you might get a notification that test data reached the maximum capacity of 4 GB allowed for SQL CE storage. After that, the test will stop, but the test results will be preserved, and a final set of reports will be generated.

In StresStimulus, you can configure how much or how little data you want to store as well as what data storage medium to use. Some configuration options provided below can help to avoid such a situation if you plan to run similar or more extensive tests.

  1. If Purge Session Content property is set to None, then change to Static Mime Types. Request and response content of images, video, and other static resources will be purged, but dynamic content meaningful for performance analysis will be stored. 
  2. Change Purge Session Content property from Static Mime Types to Non-Errors. Non-Error request/response content will be purged, but error bodies will be saved. It will allow using storage space more efficiently while keeping the diagnostic information to troubleshoot errors. This will allow you to run much bigger tests with SQL CE based repository.
  3. If your test generates a massive number of errors and you would like to run it for a long time, consider changing Purge Session Content property to None.
  4. If you can use SQL Server as a test repository, then change Data Storage from Embedded SQL Server CE to SQL Server. That will allow using a test repository of virtually unlimited size.

Querying purged session content

When querying the session repository of a session that has been purged, you will see the following request/response info: 

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