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AutoCorrelation creates a set of rules, each of which includes an extractor and one or several parameters necessary to keep your test from application errors. You can review, change, or delete these rules as follows: 

Warning: Modifying and Deleting AutoCorrelation rules is an advanced script development technique. If not performed properly, it can cause test errors.

  1. Navigate to the Extractors node (a) in the Navigation Tree.  
  2. The object tree will display the following hierarchy of objects: Requests (c) -> Extractors (d) -> Parameters (e). You can expand/collapse the tree to the detail level you need.
  3. To review the selected extractor, right-click and choose Edit (f), or click Edit on the toolbar. The Extractor editor (g) will appear. When complete reviewing the extractor, close the editor.
  4. To edit the extractor, make necessary changes in the extractor editor and click Save (h). For more about the extractors, check the Extractors section.
  5. To review a parameter that uses the extractor:
    1. Double-click a parameter (i) subordinate to the extractor.  The test case tree on the left will highlight the parameter (j).
    2. Navigate to the Parameter node (k) in the Navigation Tree.
    3. Navigate through tabs (l) Header, URL and Query, or Body to find in which part of the request this parameter is located.
    4. The parameter definition will be displayed in one of three parameterization controls described in the following sections:
      1. Parameterization Grid (m)
      2. Parameterization Editor
      3. Free-format Request Editor
  6. To edit or delete a parameter, follow steps described in each parameterization control section.
  7. To disable an autocorrelation rule, disable its extractor, and all dependent parameters will be disabled as well. To re-enable the autocorrelation rule, reenable its extractor, and all dependent parameters will be re-enabled as well. 
  8. To delete an autocorrelation rule,   delete its extractor, and all dependent parameters will be deleted as well. To restore the autocorrelation rule, restore its extractor, and all dependent parameters will be restored as well.
  9. To reset all autocorrelation rules, click the Test Wizard (n) button on the Navigation Tree toolbar and follow the step off re-creating autocorrelation rules.

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