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StresStimulus executes the currently loaded test. It simulates traffic contained in all test cases (or TC Groups), which have a Mix Weight property greater than zero. All configuration settings for the test, test cases, TC groups, and their respective objects are taken into account.

StresStimulus emulates physical users by instantiating VUs. A VU is a software object that is assigned to a specific browser type, network type, and a test case (or TCGroup). In distributed tests, a VU is also assigned to a controller or one of the agents. During test execution, a VU continuously iterates through the test case, issues corresponding requests, waits for a corresponding server response, validates them, and collects performance metrics.

StresStimulus emulates client requests that look like realistic requests issued by physical browsers, from the server’s perspective. In reality, however, StresStimulus does not instantiate browser objects, create a web page document object model (DOM), nor run webpage JavaScript.

Once the test is started, a new tab displaying the Runtime Dashboard tab will open. It allows monitoring of all aspects of test execution and performance metrics.

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