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Each session has a list of timers and time-stamps of multiple events. To access them, click the Show session timers button in the inspector toolbar.

The timers dialog will pop-up and show the following info:

Browser Start Sending RequestTime when the browser initiates the request. (This can be ignored for replayed sessions.)
StresStimulus Got RequestTime when the StresStimulus received the request.
DNS Lookup TimeNumber of ms to for DNS lookup-up.
Server Connection TimeNumber of ms to connect to the server.
HTTPS Handshake TimeNumber of ms to perform an HTTPS handshake.
StresStimulus Start Request To ServerTime when StresStimulus initiates the request to the server.
Server Got RequestTime when the server received the request.
Server Begin ResponseTime when the server initiates the response to StresStimulus.
Server End ResponseTime when StresStimulus received the response.
StresStimulus Start Response To BrowserTime when StresStimulus initiates the response to the browser. (This can be ignored for replayed sessions.)
StresStimulus End Response To BrowserTime when the browser received the response. (This can be ignored for replayed sessions.)
Total TimeNumber of seconds the entire operation took.

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