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Test DurationSet the test completion criteria. After reaching this
condition, the test will stop.

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Test Duration

Test Duration Properties

Test Completion ConditionSelect the test completion condition from the drop-down.
How to count iterationsSelect Per VU to set the iteration limit for each VU. Select Total to set the overall iteration limit.
Max. iterationsAfter the specified number of iterations is issued, the Test waits until all responses are received and stops.
Load generation time (hh:mm:ss)Enter the duration of load generation, after which no request will be issued.
After the Completion Condition is reachedAfter the specified test completion condition is reached, depending on this selection, the test will stop, will wait until all pending responses are received, or will wait for started iterations to complete.
Warm-up time (s)The warm-up period at the beginning of the test is necessary to prepare the server for normal working conditions. During the warm-up period, the number of VU is gradually ramped-up, server cache is populated, and essential modules are loaded into the memory. During the warm-up period, performance metrics are not collected.
Time limit to reach the goalThe maximum time allowed to reach the goal. The test will stop if the goal is not reached by then.
Test duration after the goal is reachedThe amount of time after reaching the goal, The test will continue with the same number of VUs.
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