If a load test scenario creates some records in the application, there may be a need to extract the IDs of the new records created during the test or some other dynamic information.

StresStimulus can save values of extractors, data generators, and datasets collected during the test execution to an output file.

Setup test output

Under the Advanced options, the node selects the Test Output Format String property and click the ... button to bring up the Test Output Format String Builder dialog.

In the dialog, select the test case and the list of available extractors, data generators, and dataset to add to the list of output variables. Each variable will be a column in the output .csv file.

Then set the output directory where the output .csv file will be saved with all the data.

Optionally, you can add a test case name, VU number, and iteration number columns to the result.


Starting with v5.3 the test output can include datasets. The output value will be the concatenation of every cell of the selected row separated by '|'

Output file

Once the test is over, the result output file will be copied to the output folder. The file name will {Date_Time}_Output.csv

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