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TimeThe time elapsed from the beginning of the test.
UsersThe number of instantiated VUs.
Goal progress The percentage of the goal that has been reached up to this point. Only used in goal-oriented load tests.
Iterations Started

The number of started test iterations.

Iterations Passed

The number of Iterations in which all responses were received

Iterations Failed

The number of failed (aborted) iterations
Requests SentThe number of issued requests.
Requests Pending

The number of issued requests, which responses are not received yet.

Responses OKThe number of received responses excluded errors and timeouts
Web socket frames The number of processed Web socket frames 
ErrorsThe number of errors.
TimeoutsThe number of timeouts.
SQL CE Capacity used

The percentage of the 4 GB storage limit used to store test data accumulated up to this point.

If SQL CE capacity used can reach 100%, learn how to  Reducing Test Storage Use.

Help Boxes

Test Progress PanelTest Progress Panel displays test progress.
For more information, check
Monitoring Test Progress and Health

If SQL CE used capacity used can reach 100%,
learn how to  Reducing Test Storage Use

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