A load test solution enables team members to work on test cases independently and then combine them for the purpose of running a test.

A test solution has the following elements:

  • A test solution file (.sslnconfig) that is similar to .ssconfig file described here.
  • One or more test case configuring files (.sstc) that only contains the test case elements. These files are stored in the test subfolder alongside the corresponding .saz file.

This enables importing the same test case into multiple different tests, and all changes in the test case will be automatically propagated to all tests.

Creating a test solution

To create a test solution, in the test saver dialog, change Save as type to Load Test Solution.

This will create the following test files:

  • A test solution file (.sslnconfig)
  • A test subfolder with a test case configuration file (.sstc) and an .saz file for every test case in the test. This set of files is called test case files.
  • When adding a test case to a solution, a new test configuration file and .saz will be created.

Importing test cases into a solution

When importing a test case from another test, there can be one of two possibilities:

  • If importing from a test configuration (.ssconfig), then for every test case that is imported, a new set of test case files will be created.
  • If importing from another test solution (.sslnconfig) then no new test case files will be created. The test solution will just reference the test case files from their current location.

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