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SummaryTest Results at-a-glance
GraphsGraphs of Key Performance Indicators and Performance Counters
VU ActivityVU Activity Chart
WaterfallWaterfall Chart
Select LayoutSelect Layout
Show SessionsShow sessions matching selection criteria
External reportCreate an external report
Back to Previous ResultsBack to Previous Results

Help Boxes

Test Result Views

Click a button on the left to select one
of the following test result views:
Summary, Details, Graphs, Error,
VU Activity, Waterfall


In the selected view, right-click for more
options and help information.

See Also:
Test Result Tab

Other Test Result Commands

- To select a graph or grid panel layout, click "Select Layout"

- To selected sessions from the Test Log, click "Show Sessions "

- To generate a report, click "External Report"

- To select a Multi-document (default ) or a
Single-document report option, click a drop-down.

See Also:
Query Log
External Reports

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