Datasets are used to feed request during the test execution. A dataset variable is associated with a specific datasets column.  The row from which the value is retrieved is determined based on a specified databinding rule.

The dataset variable is referred by as surrounded by the brackets.  For example:  {{Users.username$VU_Bound}} . When the Variable Picker is used to create a parameter, the adequately formatted dataset name reference is inserted automatically.

StresStimulus supports seven databinding methods:

  1. Request-Bound (Req-Bound)
  2. VU-Bound (VU-Bound)
  3. Iteration-Bound (Iter-Bound)
  4. Iteration-Request-Bound (Iter-Req-Bound)
  5. VU-Iteration (VU-Iter-Bound)
  6. Parameter-Bound (Param-Bound)
  7. Random (Random)
  8. Default databinding (Dataset)


If the dataset property Hide, advanced databinding selection is set to Yes, then databinding methods will not be displayed in the Variable picker.

The dataset value is fetched just before issuing the requests. It replaces a recorded value in the request parameter.  

For more information about databinding methods, see Databinding.

Tip: One dataset can be used in several test cases.

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