Several commands are available to customize waterfall charts:

Zoom / Un-Zoom

  • To zoom in on a graph, select a rectangular area (a) where you wish to zoom. Vertical and horizontal scroll-bars (b) will appear. 
  • For additional zooming, select a rectangular area again.
  • To undo the last zoom, click the minus icon on the scroll bars (b).
  • To completely remove zoom, right-click, and select Un-Zoom (c).

Diagonal Scrolling

Because a waterfall has a "diagonal" shape, vertical scrolling can move all request bars outside the visible area of the chart. To bring them back, additional horizontal scrolling is necessary, which complicates this operation.

To solve this issue, the ratio of horizontal scrolling to vertical scrolling is set, so the request bars are always visible. This method is called Diagonal Scrolling.

To turn Diagonal Scrolling off, right-click and un-check the Diagonal Scrolling box (d).

Other commands (e):

  • Copy Image
  • Save Image as
  • Print Graph

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