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Iteration, Page and Transaction Counters

StresStimulus keeps track of all started (successfully) completed and failed iterations, pages, and transactions. These three counters are monitored and displayed in the real-time dashboard during the test run and are reported in the test results. 

After the test is complete, the following equation should be true for all iterations, pages, and transactions: 

started = completed + failed

During the test run, this equation has the following form: 

started = completed + failed + pending

How to Validate an Iteration

The iteration fails only when it contains a validator that fails and has the property Action if Failed set to Stop Iteration.

If the iteration during execution encountered an HTTP error in one or several responses, this would not cause the iteration to fail, and it will continue its execution. 

If you want a particular HTTP error to cause an iteration to fail, you need to define a validator detecting this error, for example, by checking the response status-code.

If you want all HTTP errors to cause any iteration to fail, you can define a validator with Scope property sets to Global. A single global validator is capable of failing any iteration.

If an iteration is marked as failed, it will be counted toward started and failed iterations. It will not be counted toward passed or incomplete iterations. Performance metrics, such as average response time for such iteration is excluded from the test metrics.

How to Validate a Page and Transaction

All Pages and Transactions that fully complete before a validator failed are considered as started and completed.

A Page or Transaction that contains the failed request with a validator is considered as started and failed.

All Pages and Transactions that did not start as a result of the failed validator, which stopped the iteration, are not considered as initiated.

If a page or transaction is marked as failed, its performance metrics, such as average response time, are excluded from the test metrics.

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