A load agent can replicate session data to the controller for more rich reporting during a distributed load test that uses SQL Server CE-based storage. 

2 types of data can be replicated:

  • Timing data: The information is necessary for waterfall charts in the test report.
  • Content data:  The request/response data used to verify server responses and debug concurrency errors.


The more data replicated during the test, the more bandwidth is required between the controller and agents.

Timing data

To enable timing data replication, set the Save sessions from agents? property to Yes.

Content data

To enable content data replication, set the Agent data scope property to the following:

  • Timing only: only timing data will be replicated.
  • Timing and errors (default): timing data and request/response content of sessions marked as errors.
  • Timing and dynamic data: timing data and request/response content of sessions marked by errors or sessions containing non-static MIME type responses. This avoids replicating images, stylesheets, and other static content from agent to controller.
  • All: timing data and request/response content for all 


If the request/response data is not replicated to the controller from the agent, it can still be retrieved on the agent after the test is over by following the steps described here.

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