A test case can have critical and non-critical transactions/pages. A critical transaction must succeed for the test case to execute its intended action successfully. For example, if the Login transaction fails, all subsequent transactions will fail due to authentication issues. A non-critical transaction does not need to succeed to execute the test case successfully. For example, a Refresh transaction that simply refreshes the page is important for visual purposes and isn't critical for test case execution.

Marking critical transactions

When a transaction is marked as critical, an error or a timeout of any request will stop the execution of the current iteration. To mark a transaction or page as critical, set the Action on error or timeout property to the following:

Available options:

  • Abort Iteration to stop the current iteration, mark it as failedand start a new one.
  • Abort VU to stop the current iteration, mark it as failed, don't start new iterations by this VU.
  • Continue (Default) to continue the current iteration. A transaction with this value is non-critical.

Failed transaction time:

If a critical transaction fails during an iteration execution, the transaction's iteration time will not count toward the performance metrics of that transaction. 

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