In the Custom Load pattern, you can specify any number of time intervals as well as their duration and the number of  VUs. Each interval has the format {number of VUs}:{duration (s)}. Example: 100:90;150:60 means start with 100 VUs for 90 seconds, then continue with 150 VUs for 60 seconds.

Alternatively, you can use the Custom Load Pattern Editor to set your load interactively.

If you have a large number of intervals, you can copy and paste a VUs / Duration table from Excel.

After the first interval, if the number of VUs is increased, the original set of VUs is kept, and additional VUs are added. If the number of VUs is decreased, the VUs added last is put to sleep. If the number of VUs increases once again, the sleeping VUs begin running again.

By default, the change in VUs occurs immediately when the duration of an interval ends. If you would like to extend the duration until all VUs complete their iteration, check Wait for users to complete Iteration?

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