Test configuration settings can be saved as a test profile and loaded again later. Using this approach, you can have multiple test profiles that can quickly be loaded and executed across various tests.

A test profile consists of a Load Pattern, Test Duration, Browser Types, and Network Types.

Saving a test profile

To save a test profile, navigate to the Test Profile node in the workflow tree.

In the property grid, give the Test Profile an identifying name and an optional description.

Click Save to save the current configuration to a new configuration profile or update an existing one with the same name.

You can also create a profile from scratch by navigating to the Test Profile dialog (Tools -> Test Profiles...) and clicking Create New Test Profile

Editing a test profile

To see the list of stored test profiles, in the main menu, select Tools -> Test Profiles... 

The Test Profile Editor will appear.

The left pane will have all the saved configuration profiles and the saved settings for each one.

You can edit whichever settings/profiles you wish and click Save.

Selecting a test profile

To select a profile to use in your current test, go to Test Profile -> Test Profile Name. Click the drop-down and select the test profile you wish to use.

Alternatively, in the Test Profile Editor (Test Profile -> Open test profile editor), select the profile you wish to load and click Set as current.

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