In the real world, different users will likely have different Internet connection speeds provided by their ISPs. StresStimulus can simulate such uneven network bandwidth distribution by creating a mix of several network types, providing various bandwidths. To add a new Network to the mix:

Click Add (1) in the Network Type (2) tree node to display the Network Picker dialog (3).

Select the type of network you want to add. The textboxes will display the selected network's upstream and downstream rates. Or select Custom to create your own network and provide the upstream and downstream rate.

Note: A Network type is emulated by injecting a certain wait time into every request and response, weighted to its size and the network type bandwidth.

Once the new network appears, configure its Mix Weight, which is the relative frequency (in units or percent), each VU will use that network type. It represents the relative size of the group of users working with this network.

Tip: Mix weight values can be either percentage or weight.

The network emulation can only slow-down the traffic and cannot speed it up. It is recommended to use different network types other than LAN only when the test machine is connected to the Webserver through a fast network (LAN). For example, if your physical connection is DSL, then the emulation of the dial-up will not be accurate.

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