StresStimulus determines when to complete a test based on the test configuration information. Ending a test is a two-step decision-making process:

  • Step 1: Wait until the Primary test completion conditions are met.
  • Step 2: Finish the remaining part according to the selected Secondary test completion condition.

Primary test completion conditions:

  • Number of Iterations: The test will complete after a certain number of iterations is performed by VUs.
  • Run Duration: The test will complete after a certain amount of time elapsed.
  • Reaching Max Users: The test will complete after a certain number of VUs are created (only used in step load).

Secondary test completion conditions:

  • Stop the Test: End test immediately after the Primary conditions are met.
  • Wait for Responses: Stop sending new requests and wait only for already issued requests to come back. This condition does not guarantee completion of any specific test case, transaction, or page.
  • Wait for Iterations to Complete: Do not start any new iterations, but complete already started iteration and wait for responses in the iteration. This secondary condition will allow running test longer.

If the primary test completion condition is Number of Iterations, then the secondary condition is implicitly set to Wait for Iteration to Complete.

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