StresStimulus run-time can be further extended by adding custom methods (actions) and calling them during the test run. These actions can perform any programmatic actions, such as calculation, sending a request, or manipulating the test environment.

To create an action component inside StresStimulus, navigate to the Components tab (a). Select one of three languages you wish to use: C#, VB.NET, or JScript.NET (b) and select Action component option (c).

Give your component a name (d) and click OK (e) to bring up the code editor to edit the component.

You can edit or delete your component later on by going back to the Components tab, selecting the variable you wish to modify, and then clicking either Edit (f) or Delete (h). Click OK to bring up the code editor window. If you don't see your component, click Open File (g) to select the code file to edit.

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