Sometimes after a test case is recorded, you need to change some sessions. That may be necessary because of changes in the web application or a requirement to modify the set of recorded sessions. The following types of session changes are available:


To re-position the selected in the Test Case Tree request or page, drag and drop it into a new position. You can also move them up or down by pressing Ctrl + Up/Down arrow keys.


 To add new sessions from the session grid to the Test Case Tree.

  1. Select Build Test Case node to display the Test Case Tree on the right.
  2. Display new sessions in the session grid on the left in one of the following ways:
    • Issue requests from a web browser or other web client and capture them in Fiddler.
    • Open a previously saved .saz file with HTTP sessions.
  3. Select the sessions you want to add to the test case, then right click > StresStimulus Commands > Add to Test Case to display the destination picker. Then chose the destination where to add the sessions.
  4. You can re-position the added sessions to the desired positions, as described above.


From the Test Case Tree: select a session, you need to delete or select multiple sessions by clicking while holding Ctrl or Shift key. After that click Delete in the toolbar (a), right-click and select click Delete or hit (Del)

From the Session Grid: click Show recorded test case sessions in the session grid (c), select sessions to be deleted, right-click, and in StresStimulus Commands, select Remove from Test Case or hit (Ctrl+Del).

Searching and Deleting Multiple Sessions

You can delete multiple sessions matching certain criteria. This is a two-step process:

  1. Search for the session matching the criteria, as described in Searching Test Case Tree. All session matching the criteria will be highlighted (f)
  2. Click Delete the found highlighted sessions (g) on the toolbar.



To edit a session in the Test Case Tree, double-click the session (h), and in the appeared in a new Tab (i) session inspector, check to Unlock for editing  (j). After that, you can make changes in the session request (k) and response (l). When finished, click Save (m).


Editing Host

Changing a hostname in the request is not recommended. Use the Host Remapping feature instead.
If you still wish to change the hostname in this request, it should be made in the Host header. Hostname modifications in the fully qualified URL on the 1st line of the request are not allowed.

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