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When a test is complete, an external report can be automatically generated and emailed to one or more email addresses. The report will be zipped and attached to the email.

Email Server Settings

To provide your email settings, specify the following information in the main menu > Edit > Settings > Email tab

Mail server (a)

  • Mail Server (SMTP): The name/address of your SMTP mail server
  • Server port: The SMTP server port (25 default)
  • Enable SSL: If your SMPT server requires SSL connectivity

Sender credentials (b)

  • Credentials: Your SMTP credentials
  • Sender: The sender's mail address


These settings are for the test controller machine only. If the test is going to be executed on a different computer, the email settings must be configured on that machine separately.

Enabling emailing report

The settings above are for the entire application. To enable emailing report after a test, it has to be enabled on each test individually.

In the workflow tree, go to Advanced Options and set Email test result to the following values:

  • Never: Report will never be emailed
  • Always: Report will always be emailed
  • When the test fails: Report will be emailed when the test completion criterion is not reached. 

When the test is complete, StresStimulus will send an email to the recipient(s) an email with the subject StresStimulus Test Result and a zipped external report in an attachment.


The external report will have the default properties as described here.

Email recipients

StresStimulus supports two lists of recipients:

  • Global list: a controller-level list whose recipients will receive an email after any test that runs on the controller. To specify a global list recipient, add their email address to a comma-separated list into Recipients (c) textbox. You can click Send Test Email button to send a test email to the list of recipients with the subject StresStimulus SMTP settings test message.
  • Local list: a test-level list whose recipients will receive an email after that test that runs on the controller. To specify a local list recipient, add their email address to a comma-separated list in the Email recipients of this test report property inside the test Advanced Options.

Mail address

The email address can be in the following formats:

  • Display Name <Email Address>
  • Email Address

Email format

The email that each recipient will receive will have the following format:

  • Subject: StresStimulus Test Result - {test name} (the test name is the .ssoconfig filename)

  • Body: This automatic email with the attached performance test result was sent by StresStimulus.
  • Attachment: A zip file that contains the zipped report. The attachment name is {test run date and time}_{test run name}.zip (test run name is described here).

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