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After recording the test case, the Test Case Tree displays the following objects:

  • Pages. StresStimulus automatically generates page names based on their HTML title-Tag. You can change page names during recording in the IE recorder. You can also rename the page by right-clicking the page in the test case tree.

  • HTTP sessions. Each session consists of a pair of request and response messages. 

    • To view the recorded requests and responses or to make small modifications without re-recording the entire test case, use the session inspector. Double-click on the session to display the session inspector. For more details, see User Interface Reference -> Session Inspector.

                 You may also need to add, delete, or reposition sessions. For more details, see Adding, Deleting and Changing Sessions

  • Autocorrelation rules. Some of the sessions may have automatically created Autocorrelation rules, which should not be changed.

More objects are created in the subsequent configuration steps. 

See also:

For Page and Session Context Menu Commands, see User Interface Reference -> Toolbar

For Test Case Tree's toolbar commands, see and User Interface Reference -> Toolbar

Recorded waterfall view

To see a visual representation of how the HTTP sessions loaded during recording, you can view the recorded waterfall diagram.

In the test case tree toolbar > View Options > Waterfall... to bring up the waterfall diagram

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