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Test case objects are executed top to bottom. There are two ways to change the execution order of objects: Moving Up/Down and Dragging and Dropping.

Move Up/Down

  • Select the object you wish to re-position and right-click.
  • Select the Move Up or Move Down option

Drag & Drop Objects

Test case objects can be repositioned by dragging and dropping the object nodes within the same test case tree. Select one or more test case nodes to reposition. The test case nodes must be siblings (have the same parent node).

  • Drag them above or below another node to move the nodes. A dashed line will appear where the node will be dropped.

  • Drag them over a destination node to move it as the last child of the destination node.

Show child nodes

Dragging and hold a node over a destination node for 1 second to expand the destination node to expose child nodes.

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