The reset connections object closes all currently open TCP connections by the virtual user to the server.

Virtual users (VU's) use TCP connection pools to connect to web servers and send HTTP requests. In some instances, it is necessary to recreate the connections. When a VU executes the Reset-connections object, it deletes all cached server connections. The connections will be recreated when the VU needs to send subsequent requests.


When using this feature, it is recommended to set the Use a shared connection pool for all VUs? property to No. Otherwise, each VU will reset connections for all other VUs.

Typically a Reset-connection object will not be executed on every iteration, only when a certain condition is met.

To insert a Reset-connection object

1. Go to the Build Test Case node.

2. Select the object where you want to insert the delay.

3. Right-click and select Insert Object -> Insert Reset-connections, then select Insert Before or Insert After.


The Reset connections object is only available in the standalone version of StresStimulus. It is not available in the Fiddler addon version.

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